Fabric analysis to analyse the designs and develop original drafts. If only one or two new colors from one designs are needed. A PDF manual is included in the download packages. We have had the English manual translated into French. What’s gone wrong and how do I fix it? Use the preview to see how the printout appears.

fiberworks pcw

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Schacht Combby will only run on Windows 95 and Windows 98 with a printer port only.

Intro to Weaving Software-Fiberworks PCW

It comes as a single application which can be validated either as Silver or as Silver Plus. A small beep may sound. Can I save a palette that I created? Your web browser created a temporary file on your computer so that it could be opened by Fiberworks, and deleted this temporary file when your session was done. Most new computers come with USB ports. Settingsand uncheck the box that says Reopen most recent file at startup. Left click doubles width, right click halves it. Why did this happen?

The Plus component adds the ability to run computer assisted looms.

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Other Languages We have had the English manual translated into French. After you hit the Print button, the Print dialogue appears. To enter more complicated orders you may proceed in a couple of different ways.


The manuals are black and white, bound in spiral binding and about pages in length. It is searchable, and you can navigate it by links and bookmarks. It can be printed, and you can select only the pages you want to print. If you wish to continue to use your existing Fiberworks version with old WinHelp help files, you can download a copy of WinHlp32 intended for Windows Vista from the Microsoft website.

Enhanced block giberworks, double the number of blocks. How do I fix it? The normal drawdown window will then appear. Open a new design and paste into the blank design in the normal way.

A PDF manual is included in the download packages. If you get files from the internet, it might be best to download the filewhich makes a permanent copy on your computer, rather than opening directly, which only creates a temporary file. These looms are not supported in version 4. The warp or weft thickness menu allow you to fill the draft with 5 different common thick and thin thread orders.

fiberworks pcw

Open the destination software, such as Word, email message or a paint program. See also Connecting a Mac to a Dobby Loom When you run the fibreworks program for the first time, it will give you a program ID number in the format Y There are several reasons why a file might not be available: A list of file types will drop down.


fiberworks pcw

Get answers to such questions as, “How do I change a colour on my design? Enter the colors needed into the warp color bar of each design, copy and paste the set of colors from the first design into the ppcw bar of the second design.

How do I stop this happening in the future? For some reason, the designated file is not available, so can’t be opened. It is easy to print the sections you want to read on the couch, if needed.

Try before you buy. If you purchase and validate Silver only, the loom drivers are not activated. Then choose two different colours with the left and right mouse button.