Death The Sound Of Perseverance. Sigh Heir To Despair. Metallica Ride The Lightning. Co-Headlining European Tour 5. The crisp and clear but brutally heavy guitar tone comes crashing down suddenly; riff-bombs collapsing your roof. Purchasable with gift card. Even if one doesn’t like it, everyone has to admit it’s a really interesting record that’s worth checking out.

bongripper hippie killer

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bongripper hippie killer

As long as you love sludge and you are an open-minded person, you will love this record. Don’t get the wrong end of the stick. Hippie Killer, the band’s sophomore output, is by far the best thing they’ve released and easily one of the best doom records ever. I had no idea what I was listening to but I was completely mesmerized and satisfied by it.

Hippie Killer by Bongripper on Spotify

KoolMagma go to album. Megadeth Rust In Peace. Written by Troy Killjoy on The song goes on and at hippje point it breaks and gets more and more atmospheric, even Yawning Man-style psychedelic. If you like Bongripper, you may also like:.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 7, go to album. It’s bad that Bongripper need an introduction, because they’re so fucking awesome, writing one seems so useless. Canada The best Atmo-sludge album out there. Instead, they remain a shadow in the dark alley where you buy your drugs that is the American doom scene, or a gem so rare that you can’t help but hoard it all for yourself.


Bongripper – Hippie Killer – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Streaming and Download help. Ed Conroy Hypnotic and heavy. Hippiie weird melodies remind me of something but I forgot who For the 13 minutes.

MinderleisterJuly 7th, Amorphis Queen Of Time. Their sound is so massive and loud, it’s a wonder they haven’t been heard across the globe.

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The whole shebang is gift-wrapped in a gorgeous production job that still manages to be super-crushing during the ample heavy moments. Necrophobic Mark Of The Necrogram.

Co-Headlining European Tour 5. But hopefully one day this will go beyond being just a pristine underground jewel and see the same in fame that Dopethrone and Dopesmoker amassed, for Hippie Killer is indeed a classic among metal. Black Emperor just took a left turn into Absolutego territory.

bongripper hippie killer

This was my first stoner metal album ever. The crisp and clear but brutally heavy guitar tone comes crashing down suddenly; riff-bombs collapsing your roof. Here, things get a little less traditional don’t let the opening riff fool you when a swirling monsoon of lysergide guitar noodling and fantastic bass work takes center stage between the devastating stoner-doom choruses.


bongripper hippie killer

Bongzilla is a bongrpiper example of that, but one might get the feeling that most of the newcomer bands of this genre get boring pretty fast and focus too much on sounding like the “masters” than creating their own authentic style. Friend of the Night. Account deleted Finally listening to this after over half a year of it being on my iPod.

After a brief and really creepy drone intro, “Reefer Sutherland” kicks off the album; as in, it’s a total kick to the teeth. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Link is located in the right hand panel. The People Mover The gents in Bongripper out-did an understatement, really themselves on this album and bestowed upon us a doom metal classic to rival the reigns of everyone from Electric Wizard and Ufomammut to Neurosis and Minsk.