Improved Xvid installer now removes all Xvid remnants. Your getting false positive readings from your antivirus it is a good clean program for what it does and always has been.. Rearrangement of some GUI elements. Have been trying to find an effective way to merge avi with subtitles. Option to invoke QPel encoding. Recompressing files exceeding 1.

avi recomp 1.4.0

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AVI ReComp – after a long time waiting – AVI ReComp Home Page

Both resizing and cropping previews and tools windows are now dragable and accessible in the same time. Xvid updated to version 1. Posted by Prozac on Tuesday, 29 January – Incorrect detection of video stream size in some circumstances.

Ant Recom; Manager 1. You can find the changelog for the latest version HERE.

Incorrect behaviour when Stay on top option was enabled. How to 1.4.00 anything on your screen using th Double LanczosResize in the preview avs script after saving crop values and running resizing preview. New Greek translation thanks to Dawndeath.


Improved alignment in custom matrix table cells.

New module for checking available disc space. Cosmetic changes to the font and it’s size in the changes section accessed from the About window. New keyboard shortcuts description window. In some circumstances desktop notifications were not displayed. Some GUI changes and improvements. New option for displaying custom quantisation matrices. Review by bolinboy on Jul 13, Version: Steve Thanks for your report.

avi recomp 1.4.0

Corrupted display of unknown quantisation matrix. FYI if u install the xvid, it may conflict with your existing codec pack. Job List items had uneven look on Vista. Checking dimensions of loaded logo bitmaps. Improved mp3 encoding parameters. Thank you guys for your nice comments.

avi recomp 1.4.0

Improved compatibility with the new version of the encoder. New audio resampling feature. Xvids “Unrestricted” profile was used instead of “Home” Xvid 1.

AVI ReComp 1.4.0

FYI and if it helps – I have been using 1. Aug 19, [new] new Serbian translation recompp to goodmood new Slovenian translation thanks to lojze [changed] improved DTS audio support improved protection agains saving inputs and outputs with the same file names some small job list changes small gui corrections [fixed] sometimes subtitles settings were not saved properly ac3 audio sync issue wrong original subtitle file path in a log file error when too long file names were used no file extension after a recompression XviD N-VOPs issue N-VOP’s cause audio desync on many ESS based players some bugs concerning AviSynth and color-spaces issuees Version 1.


Some files playing with Media Player Classic may stall. Added more details to the log.

Incorrect ARC player adjustments in case of very large or very small resolutions. XviD updated to version 1. Its only disadvantage is that it doesnt accept files other than Avi format. Stay on the subject otherwise your review won’t be published.